So What is Marketing ?

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Among the questions I have received in my business life, I wanted to experience the most heard question in the title of my first article.

Looking at the question, it is not difficult to understand that this is actually a counter question, a reactionary question. Because in many meetings I have held and do not remember the number; The first solution that I offered to people was never advertising. Of course, those who heard this were very surprised at first. In my opinion, advertising, public relations activities and related accesses are very important; However, not planning the process before the advertisement, that is, seeing the advertisement as the only instrument in terms of marketing, is the biggest reason of possible failures in business results.

So how to act to avoid possible failures?

We should always listen to Kotler, the father of Modern Marketing. In many countries of the world, only one of Kotler’s 4P, namely Promotion (Advertising), is accepted as marketing. However, there are 3 letters “P”. I think the most important of them is Price. Because the price determines whatever you are going to sell, its position, to whom and how it will be offered to the customer. Of course, first you have to decide on another P, namely the Product.

Then you have to decide on a distribution channel (online or offline) and determine the 3rd P Place.

Then you can start Promotion, which is everyone’s most beloved “P”. Why is it dearest “P”; because it is the most egoistic “P” in the most obvious.